• Skype lessons Jazz Singing

Skype lessons Jazz Singing

For all singers that want to get into Jazz, here comes the possibility to have online lessons through Skype!

Feel free to contact me for more info!


  • SEMINAR Vocal Sound - looking inside the larynx at Musical Praxis Conservatory

SEMINAR Vocal Sound - looking inside the larynx at Musical Praxis Conservatory

Πέμπτη 22 Δεκεμβρίου στις 20:00 στο Ωδείο Μουσικής Πράξης. Σεμινάριο για τον φωνητικό ήχο από την Ειρήνη Κωνσταντινίδη. 

VOCAL SOUND - looking inside the larynx

- Breath support
- Vocal tract
- Sound colors

  • SEMINAR Jazz Singing at Musical Praxis Conservatory

SEMINAR Jazz Singing at Musical Praxis Conservatory

Jazz Singing seminar with Irini Konstantinidi

Sunday 26/4/2015 at 12:30 pm

"Use your voice as a musical instrument"

Sound - Syncopation - Phrasing


Musical Praxis Conservatory

Veikou 33, Koukaki (metro stations Akropoli & Syggrou-Fix)

Participation registrations: 210 9213135 or at the email: info@musicalpraxis.gr

Free admission


  • Use your voice as a musical instrument

Use your voice as a musical instrument

Jazz Singing is a priceless educational process, in which the singer is getting to know his/her voice, appreciates its multiple expressive potentials and learns to use it as a musical instrument. Meanwhile, he/she discovers the magic of jazz music and improvisation and enjoys the unique experience of artistic expression and freedom! 

Mastering vocal technique and improvisation skills in Jazz Singing.

Vocal technique: breath management and development of vocal tone, range and volume.

  • Swing feel and Syncopation

Swing feel and Syncopation

At the very beginning of one's jazz studies, swing feel is the first and most basic thing, which the student comes in contact with.
The musician learns what the swing feel is, analyzing the triplet eighths, in order to understand the origin and the certain "feel" that the swing eighth notes have and begins to further deepen into the concepts of the terms "time" and groove. 

  • Improvisation

Improvisation "from the cradle"

It is a quite common belief, that improvisation (especially in jazz music) is something that requires knowledge, maturity, experience, aesthetics, etc.
That's the truth and this assumption is absolutely correct.
Nevertheless, I would like to get straight to the topic of this article and explain what I mean by the title "Improvisation from the cradle".

  • Singing and psychism

Singing and psychism

Singing is one of the most archetypal human forms of expression whether these might have been vocalizations and yodels or more sophisticated improvisations and melodies along with words.
However in our modern culture, people, especially those living in big cities, scarcely use this means of expression.

Modern lifestyle (with any type of complex or "blocking" it causes in the first place, establishing it as a form of "proper behavior" ) also deprives the humans of this very important and inherent way of expressing emotions, mood relieving, balancing the psychism, etc.

  • The appropriate teacher

The appropriate teacher

Exactly like any other field of knowledge, music (in its learning process) depends largely on the role of the teacher.