The Wonderfall Quartet released their second album HORIZON on April 15, 2014 and it was awarded as the Best Greek Jazz Album of the year by

Album Notes


"Horizon" can be a sacramental experience for the listener, who's always seeking for something more than just a "contemporary vocal jazz" album!

It contains 10 original compositions of Thanos Hatzianagnostou, with lyrics of Irini Konstantinidi, in seven of them. 
It preserves the atmospheric sound of European jazz scene and demonstrates the quartet's major influence by their beloved Esbjorn Svensson Trio (e.s.t.).

The album begins with Dawn | Αυγή which introduces the listener to a soft and optimistic mood about every new beginning!
"Horizon" is filled with an esoteric dark mood, which escalates and finally acts as a catharsis.
The listener is getting deeper into the existential issues of humanity and proceeds towards the final song of the album, called Undulations | Κυματισμοί, which is the most melancholic and somber piece of the album yet it works as a redemption.

Horizon draws the line between the earth and the sky. It symbolizes the boundaries between the fall and the uprising.
In this "concept" second album of ours, we perform a deep fall inwards, only to emerge in a higher level of cosmic consciousness.
The essence of this new album sums up to the acceptance that the time of humanity as we know it, is running out quickly unless we realize that life is just a slender string and try to make it worth living.

A single glance at the horizon is a reminder of our insignificance within the vast universe, setting things into proportion.